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Building a Chain Link Fence 1

Chain link fences are durable and can provide excellent security. Because these fences don't block views, they are a good choice for keeping an eye on pets and small children. Most home centers, lumberyards and fence suppliers stock all of the parts required – chain link mesh, posts, rails and hardware. Just tell the dealer how long and how tall you want the fence to be. He or she will help you select necessary components to build the fence. Specify whether or not you want to include a chain link gate in the project.
Many people are intimidated by the number of components in a chain link fencing and although tall fences are best installed by a fence contractor, low chain link fences (48 inches or less) are actually simple to install. The biggest challenge may be tracking down a fence puller, the tool that stretches the chain link mesh between the posts. A fence puller consists of a winch (known as a come-along), a chain and a fence-pulling rod. You may have to check several tool rental shops before you find one that carries fence pullers.

Building the Fence
The first step in building a fence is planning the layout and then marking the fence location with stakes and string. Once you've done that, mark post locations along the string with bright-colored chalk. If you're installing the fence on a property line or if the fence must meet certain setback requirements, you'll need to establish the exact location of the line to avoid disputes with neighbors or to make sure the fence meets local ordinances.
Once you've located your property lines, mark the corners with surveyor's stakes or other markers. If you're building a fence within the property, establishing the locations of end posts and corner posts is usually done by measuring out from one or more existing reference points on the property, such as the house, the driveway, an existing fence or other landmarks. The information here explains how to locate posts for a straight fence built on flat ground with corners meeting at 90 degrees. It is likely your situation is not so ideal, but with these instructions and a little common sense, you can lay out posts for just about any fence design.